System Business

Our concept of “Systems”

With the improvements in computer performance in recent years, the manufacturing industry has been able to use computers to take over manual work traditionally done by human beings. However, such a shift in work practices contains the risk that computers could dictate the way in which human beings work.
That is why we design and develop entire work styles based on our concept of “systems”, aiming to improve the overall human nature of work and thus save labor as a result.


Advanced Production Systems

From the early stage of design specification, we provide support for industrial control equipment, production facilities, industrial robots, and other equipment. Our services range from the creation of dedicated sequence control software (Ladder) to the installation of equipment.
The design and development of such equipment require great precision and quality, as well as reliability. We have a proven track record of delivering reliable services through a meticulous quality control system that takes the entire industry into consideration, shortening the lead time from design to delivery and standardizing the equipment.


Implementation and scaling-up of ICT and IoT technologies

When developing products, the collecting of research data and building of databases of analysis results play an important role as a company’s internal information management system. We have a track record of knowledge and expertise in providing a full range of services that respond precisely to our customers’ needs by converting data acquired directly from equipment into spreadsheet software, enabling the use of customized databases, and building network technology.
The host computer and remote controllers are connected online (via LAN, telephone line, Internet, CATV, etc.) to collect real-time information from the monitoring systems of pumps or motors, temperature controllers, the status of various input/output sensors, and other processing conditions. This facilitates the safety and accuracy of monitoring systems and enables action to be taken quickly while in remote locations. The construction of centralized control systems contributes to all fields, with a focus on the environmental field.

Information such as production control, inventory, sales, purchasing, and cost accounting is essential for daily business processing. At the same time, by integrating each piece of information, this information becomes beneficial “management information”. In order to organically integrate these individual business processes and management information, we offer the planning, designing, and development of comprehensive production management systems that are perfectly suited to you the customer.


Factory Automation (FA)
Design and development of control software
– Programming of sequencers, PLCs, etc.
– Design and fabrication of control panels
– Programming and teaching of robots
– Image processing


Plant Automation (PA)
Plant control
– Sequencers, PLC, touch panels, SCADA software


Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Information processing
– Production control system (production planning, status monitoring, and performance processing)
– Traceability
– Collection of measurement data, displaying of trend graphs