About us


Yamauchi System Co., Ltd.

Head office

882-0856 Miyazaki, Nobeoka-city, Idekita 2-28-18

Phone / Fax

Tel.: +81-982-22-7776  /  FAX: +81-982-21-2870 


30 November 1990


07 July 1995

Capital Stock

JPY 10,000,000


Koji Yamauchi


48 (as of April 2024)


Kagoshima Bank, Nishi-Nippon City Bank, Oita Bank, Miyazaki Bank, Nobeoka Shinkin Bank


2023 November

Hold the 2nd edition of Nobeoka Plant Solutions Exhibition at Kitakata Office

2023 November

Establish Okayama Office

2022 November

Hold the 1st edition of “Nobeoka Plant Solutions Exhibition” at Kitakata Office

2021 September

Establish Aichi Office

2020 April

Establish Kitakata Office

2020 March

Begin business with Japan Emerson, Ltd.

2016 March

Establish Miyazaki Office

1999 November

Reorganize as Yamauchi System Co., Ltd. Increase capital to 10 million Yen

1996 February

Build a new building at our current address to accommodate the expansion of business operations, and relocate the head office to the new location

1995 October

Begin business with SPC Electronics Corporation

1995 July

Establish Yamauchi System Ltd. with 5 million yen in capital. Begin business with Asahi Kasei Corporation and Asahi Kasei Engineering Corporation

1995 March

Begin business with Sun Electronics Industries Corp. (now Asahi Kasei Engineering Corporation)

1993 May

Relocate the head office to Idekita in Nobeoka to accommodate expansion of business operations

1990 November

Establish Yamauchi System Design in Hirabaru-machi, Nobeoka, for system and software development. Begin business with Kyokushin Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Main Customers

(in alphabetical order)

AJS Inc.

Asahi Kansei Construction Materials Corporation

Asahi Kasei Corporation

Asahi Kasei Engineering Corporation

Fuji World LTD.

Japan Emerson, Ltd.

Toyota Tsusho Corporation